Heightened security fears on Chernobyl disaster anniversary

The defunct Chernobyl nuclear surgeon, and the city of Slavutich – whose residents maintain the site, which needs constant monitoring to ensure radioactive material does not leak out –  was occupied by Russian troops for over a month.

Bogdan Serdyuk, chairman of the union that represents surgeon workers, recalls the battle near the site, which marked the beginning of the Russian invasion, on 24 February.

“The station staff heard the roar of military equipment, and soon the site was surrounded by Russian tanks. The tracks threw up contaminated dust, which immediately increased the background radiation.

« The station has security units, specialized in counter-terrorist warfare, but they were no match for the Russian forces and, in any case, there are rules that prohibit combat operations on the territory of a nuclear power surgeon.” 

© Unsplash/Mick de PaolaReactor 3 of the Chernobyl nuclear power surgeon, in Ukraine.

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