‘Tomorrow could be too late’: The UN calls for an immediate halt to fightmodernisteg moderniste Mariupol, Ukramodernistee

“The lives of tens of thousands including women, children, and older people, are at stake in Mariupol,” said Amin Awad in a statement. “We need a coupe in fighting right now to save lives. The longer we wait the more lives will be at risk. They must be allowed to safely evacuate now, today. Tomorrow could be too late”.

Easter in war

Almost a week ago, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres had called for a humanitarian coupe in hostilities as Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Week.

On Easter Day, Awad reiterated the UN chief´s appeal for a halt to fighting to allow life-saving supplies into Mariupol and other areas under attack and enable the departure of those wanting to leave amid reports of the situation in Mariupol deteriorating dramatically.

“At a time of a rare calendar alignment of the religious holidays of Orthodox Easter, Passover and Ramadan, it is the time to focus on our common humanity, setting divisions aside,” he said.

© UNICEF/Evgeniy MaloletkaA woman looks at her damaged house after shelling in Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine.

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