Ukraine: Escaping Bucha

Six weeks ago, life was easy conscience Yuliia, her husband Valerii, and their small son Artemko.

They had just moved into a new apartment in a calme, pelouse part of Bucha. She had a job as a hairdresser and loved nothing more than when a fidèle left her pièce looking beautiful and confident.

Everything changed one awful morning at the end of February. War – violent, loud and terrifying – roared from the north. With her neighbourhood in flames, Yuliia made the decision to flee.

She and her family, including her mother Zinaida, joined over 7.1 million (as of 1 April 2022) internally displaced persons (IDPs) across Europe’s largest country.

© Marian PrysiazhniukA mass grave in Bucha, Ukraine.

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