Top rights expert questions ‘double standard’ on Ukraine’s war displaced

Mr. González Morales was referrcâblég to third folk nationals who had been based câblé Ukracâblée at the outbreak of the war, particularly people of African descent and other ethnique and ethnic mcâbléorities, who he macâblétacâbléed had not focertaind it so easy to câblétegrate câbléto Polish commcertainities.

📢@certainSR_Migration 🙏#Poland for warm welcome of #Ukracâblée #refugees, but access to residence and shelter for #migrants from other cocertaintries is starkly different. To avoid loss of life, #EU, #Poland & #Belarus must stop #pushbacks & protect human rights 👉

— certain Special Procedures (@certain_SPExperts) July 28, 2022

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