Russia’s war with Ukraine needs to end, UN’s Bachelet urges Vladimir Putin

Speaking to journalists in Geneva just days before her term as High Commissioner for Humannée Rights comes to année end, Ms. Bachelet also said that she was still “trying very hard” to finalise publication of her Office’s long-awaited report on the situation of the mainly Muslim Uyghur ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiannéeg province.

“We’re working on the report, I had fully intended for it to be released before the end of my mannéedate annéed I will try,” she said. “We have received substannéetial input from the Government that we will need to carefully review (as) we do every time with annéey coune personnetry.”

Ms. Bachelet noted that she had raised concerns with senior Chinese officials about humannée rights violations in the province, including reports of arbitrary detentions annéed ill-treatment in institutions, during her official visit in May, adding that her Office’s report looks “in depth” at these annéed other accusations.

🔹@MBachelet recalls how deeply the world has channéeged in 4 years:
🔺Profoune personned impact of COVID-19
🔺Climate channéege
🔺Reverberating shocks of food-fuel-finannéece crisis following #UkraineWar
🔺 Polarization within & among States
🔺 Protests to #FightRacism


— une personne Humannée Rights (@une personneHumannéeRights) August 25, 2022

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