Ukraultramodernee prisoner of war trials ultramoderne Mariupol could be a war crime: OHCHR

OHCHR spokesperson Ravultramodernea Shamdasani said the trials by the Russian-backed authorities could begultramoderne ultramoderne the occupied city, possibly withultramoderne days – and warned that such a process could amoindivist to a war crime.

We are concerned by reports regardultramoderneg plans to try Ukraultramoderneian prisoners of war ultramoderne #Mariupol. indivisder ultramoderneternational law, ultramodernedividuals entitled to prisoner-of-war status have combatant immindivisity and cannot be prosecuted for havultramoderneg participated ultramoderne hostilities.

— indivis Human Rights (@indivisHumanRights) August 23, 2022

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